Burial of Comalapa victims

Comalapa community members held a special ceremony on July 29th to receive and welcome the remains of 10 victims from the community, identified by the FAFG. The victims were recovered in the former military detachment of Comalapa, where 220 human remains have been recovered. Of the remains recovered, 40 have so far been identified through DNA comparison in the National Genetic Database of Relatives and Victims of Enforced Disappearance. The FAFG DNA lab have obtained the genetic profile of 181 of the total 220 remains, and uploaded them to the database.
Rosalina Tuyuc from CONAVIGUA, José Suasnavar from FAFG, and relatives of victims participated in the special ceremony. During the event, victims´ family members shared their experiences from the conflict and spoke about their participation and involvement in the process of investigation and identification of their relatives with the FAFG.
The following persons were identified and returned to their families. The accompanying dates represent time of the victim’s disappearance:
Antonio Calel Apén January 10, 1980; Benedicto Chalí April 24, 1981; Tomás Cutzal Xocop January 5, 1982; Basilio Sotz Morales January 8, 1982; Lázaro Chajón Choy January 30, 1984; Juan Cúmez Colaj, February 1st. 1984; Félipe Chalí January 6, 1981; Ramiro Humberto Roquel Cun May 25, 1982; Santiago Bal Cun, and Chex Tubac Antolina 1982.


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