Exhumation related to the case of Myrna Mack

FAFG forensics experts Leonel Paiz and Claudia Rivera recovered the human remains of a person related to the investigation of the case of Myrna Mack. The exhumation took place on July 22nd, in the general cemetery of La Democracia, Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango. The exhumation was conducted to recover evidence in relation to a preliminary investigation, therefore, the Magistrate of Coatepeque, defense attorneys, prosecutors, prosecutors and plaintiffs in the case all accompanied the procedure.

The aim of the investigation is to confirm the identity of the human remains, through comparing the DNA profile of the deceased with that of a woman believed to be the victims’ mother. These DNA samples will be processed and analyzed at the FAFG genetic laboratory. The forensic experts conducted an on-site forensic anthropological analysis to obtain the biological profile of the person. The results of the FAFG investigation will be presented in an expert report to the interested parties.


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