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Dos Erres massacre survivors: Reuniting Oscar and Don Tranquilino
Pro Publica video, depicts the first meeting of a 3 year old boy (Oscar Ramirez), abducted from the village of Dos Erres village in 1982, during a massacre where over 200 civilians were extralegally executed, with his biological father (Tranquilino Castañeda). They were separated for 30 years, after a Guatemalan Kaibil (Special forces) Soldier took the boy. Tranquilino's wife, six daughters and 2 sons were killed during the military operation and he believed Oscar was also dead.
FAFG Institutional Video 2014
FAFG Institutional video, is a brief look at the scientific processes used by FAFG. It includes interviews with key staff and remarks by Guatemala's Brave Attorney General, Claudia Paz y Paz. This video will help the viewer understand the importance of FAFG's work how it contributes to the search for truth, justice and dignity.