News from Friends of FAFG

Collaboration agreement signed between FAFG, PNR and AHPN

On June 25th, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, representing the Historical Archive of the National Police (AHPN), the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation (FAFG), and the National Reparations Program (PNR), signed a mutual collaboration agreement for the interchange of records of victims of human rights violations between these institutions. This agreement is specific to cases […]

Exhumation related to the case of Myrna Mack

FAFG forensics experts Leonel Paiz and Claudia Rivera recovered the human remains of a person related to the investigation of the case of Myrna Mack. The exhumation took place on July 22nd, in the general cemetery of La Democracia, Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango. The exhumation was conducted to recover evidence in relation to a preliminary investigation, therefore, […]

Burial of Comalapa victims

Comalapa community members held a special ceremony on July 29th to receive and welcome the remains of 10 victims from the community, identified by the FAFG. The victims were recovered in the former military detachment of Comalapa, where 220 human remains have been recovered. Of the remains recovered, 40 have so far been identified through […]

Burial in Nebaj

On July 24th, FAFG returned 40 human remains of victims from the Internal Armed Conflict (IAC) to their families in Nebaj. The event was organized and hosted by the IAC Special Cases Unit at the Human Rights Section of the Attorney General’s Office, during which there was an exposition of the victims’ clothes for identification […]

Former Guatemalan soldier convicted over role in Dos Erres massacre

On February 10th 2014 District court judge Virginia A. Phillips sentenced Jorge Sosa, a Guatemalan soldier during the Guatemalan conflict, to ten years in prison, and subsequent deportation to Guatemala. Jorge Sosa was convicted of lying about his participation in the Dos Erres massacre, on his naturalization papers when applying for US citizenship. Before the […]